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Getting Started

Getting a Consumer Key

Login with your BrickLink account to get your consumer key and consumer secret.
  • The consumer key publicly identifies your API account and will never be changed.
  • The consumer secret is your confidential API password and can be changed.

Obtain Access Tokens

Register static IP addresses of your endpoint client, then access tokens and token secrets will be issued for each of your IP addresses.
  • You can access the BrickLink resources only from the registered location.
  • Since the access token has no expiration date, token secret should be stored securely. (If it is exposed, you should reissue it)

Register Notification URLs

The BrickLink API provides push notifications that let you watch for changes to resources. To receive notifications, register callback URLs that will be used to send information of resources that have changed.

After a successful URL registration, the system will send an http POST request on the callback URL whenever one of following event is raised. The body will be a list of push notification resources

  • Order
    • You received a new order.
    • Buyer updates an order status.
    • Items of an order are updated (added or deleted).
  • Message
    • You received a new message.
  • Feedback
    • You received a new feedback or reply

Please note: It does not guarantee delivery of all events.

Calling BrickLink API methods

Once you've finished the tasks listed above, you're ready to start.

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