General Notes


SSL Only

All requests are required to be done over SSL.

UTF-8 Encoding

Every string passed to and from the Bricklink API needs to be UTF-8 encoded.

Date Format

All timestamps in the API are strings in ISO 8601 format:


Rounding Policy

BrickLink API uses values with 4 decimal places for all financial calculations. Any value with greater precision will be rounded up to 4 places.


  • OAuth parameters should be included in every request.
  • In PUT or POST, you represent the resource object you wish to update using URL encoded JSON.
  • Optional parameters should be provided as a query string using URL encoded form.


BrickLink API supports returning resource representations as JSON with the following structures:

Property Name Value Description Notes
meta Object Extra information about the response
meta.code Integer API result code. (2xx if successful, any other number otherwise) Result Code
meta.message String More granular information about the result
meta.description String Detailed description about the result
data Object Requested information. Depending on the type of request you made, the HTTP response message body may be empty (typically for DELETE messages). If the body is not empty, it will always be JSON object.
    "meta": {
    "data": {

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