Feedback, Suggestions and Requests

Possible Upcoming Features

Future updates and other ideas for API that people frequently talk about are listed below. Please note that including these features in the API is not guaranteed.

  • Add PUT /orders/{order_id}/problem endpoint to file/unfile an NPB alert
  • Add POST /orders/{order_id}/drive_thru endpoint to send "Thank You, Drive Thru!" e-mail to a buyer
  • Add GET /item_mapping/{item_type}/{item_no} endpoint to get Part-Color-Code(A.K.A ElementID) of items
  • Add GET /item_mapping/{element_id} endpoint to get BL item_no by Part-Color-Code(A.K.A ElementID)
  • Add GET /items/{item_type}/{item_no}/colors endpoint to get currently known colors of the item
  • Modify PUT /orders/{order_id} to also update "remarks"
  • Add "vat" parameter to GET /items/{item_type}/{item_no}/price to include or exclude VAT from prices

Bugs & Known Issues

Below is a list of common API issues that are acknowledged. We're working on fixing these.

  • GET /order/{order_id} endpoint can't retrieves PURGED orders
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