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h1. Authentication & Authorization

h2. Make the request with OAuth protocol parameters

All requests to BrickLink REST API requires you to authenticate using OAuth 1.0 like - but simpler flow. You can authorize your requests with by following the steps below:

h2. Register as an API consumer

BrickLink API will assign an OAuth consumer key and consumer secret.

h2. Register IP addresses of
your credentials provided after [[BLAPI_Registration|registration]]. endpoint client

* Access tokens and token secrets will be issued for each of your IP addresses.

* You can access the BrickLink resources with the token only from the registered location.
* Since the access token has no expiration date, token secret should be stored securely. (If it is exposed, you should reissue it)
* API Sandbox does not require IP address for convenience.

h2. Make the request with OAuth protocol parameters

The parameters are sent in either the HTTP Authorization header or query part of the URL with JSON format.
* All parameter names and values are escaped using the "RFC3986": percent-encoding (%xx) mechanism.

h3. Prameter Details

|_. Property name |_. Value |_. Note |
| oauth_version | String| must be *1.0* |
| oauth_consumer_key | String| The consumer key. |
| oauth_token | String| The access token. |
| oauth_timestamp | String| The timestamp is expressed in the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT. |
| oauth_nonce | String| A random string, uniquely generated for each request. |
| oauth_signature_method | String | must be *HMAC-SHA1* |
| oauth_signature | String| The signature as defined in "Signing Requests":
- "Compute an OAuth request signature": |

h3. Example

The request for the orders you received is:

<code class="php">

Authorization: OAuth realm="",

And if using query parameters:

<code class="php">{"oauth_signature"%3A"0IeNpR5N0kTEBURcuUMGTDPKU1c%3D"%2C"oauth_nonce"%3A"kllo9940pd9333jh"%2C"oauth_version"%3A"1.0"%2C"oauth_consumer_key"%3A"7CCDCEF257CF43D89A74A7E39BEAA1E1"%2C"oauth_signature_method"%3A"HMAC-SHA1"%2C"oauth_token"%3A"AC40C8C32A1748E0AE1EFA13CCCFAC3A"%2C"oauth_timestamp"%3A"1191242096"}</code>
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