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Talking about a script that checks the validity of personal (or address) data, please enforce a field Zip / Postal code to be filled.

Countries using Postal codes are defined here:

Many shipping providers now request a postal code to deliver, typically DHL for instance.

And as a cultural(?) difference example, I would say around HALF of our buyers of South Korea do NOT have initially a Postal Code in their shipping address.
It's sometimes difficult to make people understand it's necessary here (and especially with the language difference), even if (apparently) the Postal code isn't needed locally.

In short - for every Country (see list above) that use a Postal code, we would enforce a separated field to be filled with something, at least.

Of course, a must would be to check the format entered with the one in the Country list above.
Postal Code: 706836

In this case, we would not refuse the zip code, but would warn like:
Postal Code: 706836
Your Country Postal Code seems to be 999-999, please confirm or correct your entry?

Postal Code: 706-836
Thank you!

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RE: Zip code, Postal code - Added by Anonymous almost 7 years ago

Similar issue to name data normalization.

For some countries, as you noticed, it's not necessary to input zip code when they sign up. (e.g. I cannot find zipcode field for my address info)
So, to give Sellers all orders' zipcode information, we have to set up new separated zipcode field and let all users to fill in it as a mandatory which we do not want to force them to do.

our suggestion is, we will make new DB column in the future and collect zipcode info during the check out if the data is null.


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Hi Hyoeun,

there's also another flaw with the checkout, namely that it is not possible to enter a dedicated shipping and differing billing address. Mr. Riedel told me, that they very often have the problem, that buyers call and say "It's a present and I want it shipped to XYZ, but it's paid by me, so the billing address is my Bricklink address" or "Its a project, so shipping and billing address to company XYZ" and so on. Since the data differs from what is saved in Bricklink, this requests introduce a huge management burden and have somehow to be tracked or get lost. Our suggestion would therefore be to implement an step for entering new or choosing fully valid and normalized shipping and billing addresses for futurous orders. IMHO this would solve both problems at a stroke.

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Ah if you don't wish to change the database format, for now, then we can't have both Postal code and name normalization...

Yes, we could have a new Shipping Address Table, which is under a new format, with Postal code and a field for Last name, etc.
And of course, a "must" would be that a buyer can have one or a few different shipping addresses...
Like an Address book.

Ship my order to:
- Billing Address
- My Address1
- My Address2
- Create a New Address

That would be ideal.

Except if you ship to the Billing address, then it's not normalized?
Or the Billing address (the old one currently in BrickLink) will be copied in the new Shipping Address Table?

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Maybe we could have just a new address table where we store the address book mentioned by Sylvain, and really normalize and copy current unambiguous addresses to the new relation. All we would need then, would be to new foreign keys on each order, one pointing to the shipping and the other to the billing address.

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